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We are get in touch with the biggest clubs from Italy for more years.Thanks for this daily relationship we know that exactly that the lap dance and night clubs to what kind of difficulties have to face to increase their awareness to get more recurrent guests.

By the expansion and extension of the economic crisis it is essential for the clubs to have a serious online immage with which they can appear on the world wide web!

Thanks for the penetration of the social media via a developed website they can get closer to their guests and they can get in touch with more of them then ever before with any other kind of  advertising tool!

What can we offer?

  • Domain name and hosting services.
  • There is the possibility for the club to make a contract separately with the hosting service to guarantee that the domain name and the website will stay in the possession of the club also after the cessation of our business ship!
  • Total graphical immage including the business cards, leaflets, posters, flyers, CDs, and the planning of the website.
  • Modern web motor which gives the possibility for the designated emloyees to update themselves the content of the website anytime via a word processor (of Word type).
  • A developed technique to increase the number of the visitors (Search engine, SEO)
  • Total integration of the social media to the website of the lap dance or night club. ((Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIN, Xing, etc.)
  • Multi-language support (at this moment we can prepare the website of your lap dance and night club in more than 10 languages!)
  • Any number of menu items...
  • There can be also a webshop for the online sales of the products with the immage of the club (mug, CD, t-shirts, caps, other clothes, key rings, lighter and other souvenirs etc.)
  • Any kind of content on each site (foto, video, text)
  • Flexible financing solutions (monthly rental fee, a lump-sum payment)
  • On request professional foto and video recording with a HD quality about the club!
  • Online VIP and guest registration!
  • Online dancer girl registration and uploading of job offer!

Regarding the prices and further information please contact us!

Is your club already between our partners?

If you haven’t had a website yet you can also appear on the internet with our help in more than 10 languages!

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