We look for dancers

Are you fed up with the feeling of the stringency and that you axis your life from 500 EUR/month?
Are you boring that you dont have enough money to buy new , nice clothes and go to a beauty center?
Are you worried about that you still dont have a flat and a car?
Do you always lag from the holidays with friends and from the best parties because you dont have enough money?
Don't you have  any more spirit to the cold and listless hungarian people who just always complain an who are grumpies?
Would you like to be finally your own master and to show off something and enjoy your life?
Would you like to live between the generous and always joyful italians in the sunshine?

Lap-dance, striptease, table dance, gogo dancers, wanted, táncoslányokat keresünk!

It is the time for you to look very well, to go to high-level places, and to found your future and maybe to found an own business and realize your dreams!

Also you merit to look like as the coolest playmates or models who look like as they would have steped out from fashion magazines but thereafter also you can do that because you will have money to spend for that!

All these are only for a short arm’s length from you and we offer you the facility you just have to live with that!

The VIP Budapest Hostess and Model Agency now will help you to create in a short period all which you couldn’t create neither during 5 years in Hungary but you would be only older!

As a comparison:

You earn 100 000 HUF in a month where your bosses goad you, your colleagues leave all tasks for you, and they spaek about you behind your back, early getting up 20 times in a month, in  winter in -10 degree and in summer in 40 degree you suffer in the office to live from one month until the next month and to avoid the starves to death when others are on holiday at the italian beach or in an italian big city where richer and more richer italian business men compare to go for a dinner with her and during 5 days she can earn minimum YOUR  salary in a month but also more with entertainment, parties and without bosses!

Here if you are very skillful you can earn easily also the 3.500 EUR monthly and your biggest problem will be that what you should wear tonight or that night you will earn 150 EUR or 250 EUR!

Unfortunately in Hungary it is more and more difficult to find a job and if you find a job you are very utilized and you earn only to live until the next salary or maybe you will need also a loan until that well choose the way which is monthly chosen by 10-20 girls via the VIP Budapest Hostess and Model Agency and change your life as they did it before! It is not late yet!

Where the girls are who did it before

  • who were/are there 5 or more years they have 2-3 high level flats, car and own business in Hungary and they dont need to work anymore if they come home they can live from the income from the renting of their flats. In a favorable case they found also a rich italian husband it is not too difficult!
  • who were/are there for 3 or more years  they have minimum 1 flat and a car and a secur financial background.
  • who are there for 1 year they have minimum 1 own flat and a car
  • who are there for a half-year they have a car or a mini studio or smaller flat

Neither you are not far from them, now your numer is up and you will realize that why you didn’t do it before and why didn’t tell anybody to me that there is also this way to live and save time for yoursef without problems and live as you merit!

And all these are of course legally, registered and without any sex in the highest level clubs!

You just have to do the followings:

  1. Decidet hat you would like to change your life and it is time to slam to the desk because it was enough!
  2. Quit from your job and after 2 weeks you will earn as much weekly as before with 1 month suffering!
  3. Contact with the VIP Budapest Hostess and Model Agency to speak the details and the choose the perfect place for you and the bar hostess or dancer job facililities guaranteed without sex as registered jobs.
  4. We organize your travelling
  5. Buy 1-2 extrasexi clothes in which you will surely earn a lot of money!
  6. Travelling
  7. You begin to work for your future and to create for yourself everything because here you have the possibility to do that.
  8. You live the life which you always wished!

Apply now to not to regret that you didn't step when you could have did that!

Phone number: 00-36-20-293-3006

It is available in 0-24 hours!

Don't be late because the places will finish soon!

We told you everything the rest depends only on you!

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