Translation, Proofreading and Interpretation

The high quality of translation, proofreading and interpretation services we offer is guaranteed by 4 years of intensive professional experience and the satisfaction of our existing customers.

Translation and proofreading

We make sure that the job we are assigned with is done precisely and on a timely manner (even with tight deadlines) with consideration of the special demands of our customers. We discourage blind bargain businesses and offer our new prospects the opportunity to give our services a try for free of charge (up to 2500 characters) so they can see if what they get is what they expect. Unlike many translation agencies, we work with a constant team of highly educated and qualified professional translators. We regard it as the only way to provide consistent and uniform translation quality. We take contractual responsibility for the quality of work we have done.

Languages: English, Hungarian

The prices below are for information only and extra costs may apply in case of very urgent assignments or very complex professional scripts. We are highly flexible with charging extra costs (only for holiday or night-time urgent translations) and calculate them based on individual agreement made with the customer.

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Translation rates

English-Hungarian: 10 HUF / word
Hungarian-English: 14 HUF / word


Our company offers consecutive interpretation services in English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English language pairs. Consecutive interpretation is the most common and most frequently used interpretation method and suitable for the organization of meetings, conferences and events with small attendance.

Other informative prices

Full-day consecutive interpretation (max. 8 hours): HUF 50.000 Ft
Half-day consecutive interpretation (max. 4 hours): HUF 25.000 Ft

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All prices displayed on the page are NET prices (without VAT).

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