Holo hostesses

Rentable holo hostesses

It is a unique innovative solution to throw up your stand and to attract the enquirers.

Overawe your concurrency with our holographic hostesses!

Holo hostess

The holo hostess is a stereoscopic holographic person who communicate on the basis of  a prerecorded matter but there can be developed also a live contact with her!

It can be installed everywhere because it works continually and communicates with the clients. Arbitrarily it can be produced to communicate with one person or also with more persons according to your demands.

It can be resolved to produce or rent a unique holo hostess!

In point of holo hostesses there are 3 options to choose:

  • the holo hostess communicate with the clients on the basis of a prerecorded matter of film.
  • in a live contact the holo hostess can be projected from any place of the world so the holo hostess can see and hear the public in live hereby can be created a live contact.
  • we provide the holo hostess with an infra sensor so there can be determinated some target audiences and hereby the holo hostess will tell every time the prerecorded text according to the proper target audiences.

The making of the holo hostess consists of 3 phases:

  • Making of film
  • Making of the optical surface
  • Articulation of the matter of the film and the optical surface

In case of renting the 2. point falls ot from the range (which gives the heavy part of the budget).

For further information please contact us!

Contact: +36 (20) 466-5495

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