Pepenero Burlesque Disco Milan

Correct place!

This conditions are valid and available only if you book the vacancy with VIP Budapest Hostess and Model Agency!

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ATTENTION! Great job opportunities!

We offer a unique luxury work of the most beautiful dancers!

Pepenero Disco Burlesque Milano!

The fix can be up to 200 EURO! More info coming soon!

The most exclusive club in the fashion capital of Italy! This is a very glamorous place where you can earn lots of money and have fun!

The founders are nothing more than the people who created the Pepenero Sexy Disco in Riccone what is the most famous sexy discos in Italy (more than 8 years of success) and now they open the Pepenero Burlesque Disco!

Pepenero Disco Burlesque Milano more than 70 occurring sexy girls in every night lik:Burlesque girls, and girls Image Sexystar, Pin-up girls, etc..

Come here and be one of them!

Apply to our casting:

Pepenero Disco Burlesque Milano

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Country : 
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Reliable place!


Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Pepenero Burlesque Disco Milan
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Via Gallarate, 224 Milano - Italy
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Call us! Do you want to work here?
Call us: 00 36 70 427 5813, or register here
because the number of job vacancies are limited in this club.

There is no agency fee in this club!!There is no agency fee in this club!! Do you know?
There is no agency fee in this club!
Work here with us!


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