Paparazzi club Larnaca Cyprus

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This conditions are valid and available only if you book the vacancy with VIP Budapest Hostess and Model Agency!

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Sexy Girls wanted for consumation
We are looking for girls aged between 20 – 30 years of age prefererably from EU countries to work outside of the bar for consummation only and important must speak English and come to Cyprus to work and earn plenty money not holiday.
Our Club Paparazzi  Club based in tourist area in Larnaca Cyprus
established since 2002 until now (2017) our business with girls coming from all east European countries and worldwide.
We have been professional in this business, we are still here and have success and customers till now, we work clean with no prostitution and we always try to not have problems and have the correct attitude between ourselves, girls and our clientele as well as all agency we work with worldwide.
We offer accommodation for the girls without to paying rent , just they must split electricity & water bills with other flat mates approximately 10 euro per week per girl.
The accommodation is 1 minute walk to work , and is 1 min walk to the tourist seafront of Larnaca Finkoudes & Paparazzi Club.
The salary starts 30 – 50 Euros per night for the girl
1-70 drinks (salary €30 per day)
71-100 (salary €40 per day)
101 drinks and up salary €50 per day
Payments on salary paid every Monday
and  Commission on drinks paid at the end of everynight night
The commission for the girl is 3 euro per drink
 House champagne 18 euro commission per bottle
Premium champagne Martini  36 euro commission per bottle
Private champagne VIP LOUNGE Moet 54 euro commission per bottle
We would like Girls to work 6 days per week and they get 1 day off per week
time from 10pm – 4.30 am  Sunday – Thursday and
10pm -  5.00 am Friday & Saturday
From 10pm – 2am each night we work as a bar & from 2am onwards every evening we have a dj and start our club night
we play r&b hip hop house trance and European music
we have a great sound system laser show smoke machine which adds to the ambience of the venue

Country : 
Reliability : 
Reliable place!


Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Paparazzi club Larnaca Cyprus

Apartman photos

kép a szállásról
kép a szállásról
kép a szállásról
kép a szállásról
kép a szállásról
Full address: 
Apostolou Varnava 4 6017 Larnaca, Cyprus
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Call us! Do you want to work here?
Call us: 00 36 70 427 5813, or register here
because the number of job vacancies are limited in this club.

There is no agency fee in this club!!There is no agency fee in this club!! Do you know?
There is no agency fee in this club!
Work here with us!


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