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The club is situated in Vorarlbergben, this is the most wettest part of Austria. Mountainous region inside the Alps are popular ski resorts wintertime.
This club is a night club.
The guests are Austrian, Swiss, Turkish and Serbian business people.
The club dancers are Romanian and Hungarian girls.

  • consummation (not expected tot drink alcool)
  • make good mood
  • dance on the stage (topless)
  • private dance show (topless)

One girl dances about 5 minutes on the stage, the girls are continually changing on the stage.
Salary Daily fix: 40Euro/day
A table dance last for 5 minutes, and the girls have the half amount, what is 20 EUR. 
Consummation prices:

  • after short drink the commission is 4 EUR, and 20 minutes talking time
  • after lady cocktails the commission is 5 EUR and 20 minutes talking time
  • after bottled drinks the commission is 20% and max. 40 minutes talking time

The daily fix salaries are paid on all Monday, the commissions are paid daily. 
The club finance the accommodation for the dancers in apartments. There are 2 rooms in an apartment, and 2 girls in a room. It is FREE!
There is cooking and washing opportunities in the apartment, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. 
There is WIFI in the apartment. The accommodation is near to the club. Working time:
There is 6 day a week, and one for have a rest. The club is open from 22:00 to 04:00. 
The club can buy it, and they will reduced from the salary, if the girl has not enough money for the ticket.

  • beautiful face
  • cute look and slim body shape
  • English or German language
  • experiences as dancer


  • We do not except drug use or abuse,
  • We do not tolerate naked dance iv not firstly discussed with the duty manager ,
  • No mobiles are allowed during working hours,
  • No boyfriends during working hours ,
  • No fighting during working hours a search will be made before working hours and after working hours
  • no tips have to be kept on the dancer ,during a lap dance she has to give it to the duty manager and then before leaving after her shift she will be given the money


Country : 
Reliability : 
Reliable place!


Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Bodega tabledance
Full address: 
Feldkircherstrasse 28,6820 Frastanz
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Call us! Do you want to work here?
Call us: 00 36 70 427 5813, or register here
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There is no agency fee in this club!!There is no agency fee in this club!! Do you know?
There is no agency fee in this club!
Work here with us!


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