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Beavers United Kingdom

Beavers is located in Watford, which is the biggest city in Hertfordshire. As Watford is near to London, the capital city of the UK,  the club has a lot of visitors, so dancers can earn a lot of money in the club. Beavers has stage show sin every 15 minutes, when dancers have to strip topless and dance on the pole. Beavers has very strict rules to protect dancers’ and their own reputation. Touching is strictly forbidden in the club, girls can not exchange personal information with customers, etc. Everyone who breaks the rules is dismissed from the club (dancers and customers as well.) Those dancers who don’t work properly will be asked to improve their work, or they will be dismissed.



  • There is no fix salary. Girls earn their money from dances and drinks.
  • In the club customers have to pay with tokens. Girls are forbidden to accept cash! If they receive cash, they have to exchange it for tokens immediately, or they will be fined.

Private dances:

  • One dance lasts for one song.
  • Topless Table Dance on pole tables: £8
  • Fully nude dance in the main dance room: £20
  • Fully nude VIP Private dance: £24
  • Sit-downs - Champagne VIP £105 (30 mins) with unlimited dances
  • Sit-downs – Champagne VIP £154 (1 hr) with unlimited dances
  • Every night from 9pm up to midnight customers have a 2 for 1 offer: 2 dances for 1 price

Working hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9 pm - 2 am
  • Thursday: 9 pm - 3 am
  • Friday and Saturday 9 pm - 4am
  • (At 9 pm dancers have to be fully dressed with their makeup and hair done! If they are late, they will be fined)
  • ALL dancers go on promotional flyering every night following the flyering rota. If someone is with customers she will be joining the others later.


If dancers work 6 days a week, then the accomodation is free, but every day dancers have to pay house fees. From Monday to Saturday the registration fee has to be paid at the beginning of the shift every day! For Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday the registration fee is £20, for
Thursday, Friday & Saturday it is £30. If a dancer doesn’t work between Monday and Wednesday the fee Thursday to Saturday is £40.

Minimum time of stay:

2 weeks

Dress Code:

  • Long, elegant dresses (Monday-Thursday only long dresses are allowed in the club)
  • Mini dresses
  • Sexy lingerie
  • nice hair and manicure
  • elegant makeup
  • high heels


  • dancer experience
  • beautiful face
  • nice body
  • every dancer has to provide a photo to the website. If someone doesn’t want to show her face, it will not be visible on the photo.
  • good english language skills (only english is accepted in the club, even if the customer speaks another language!)


Dancers have to pay for their travel expenses themselves.

There is a Budapest-London flight, and from London, dancers get to Watford in 15 minutes by public transportation.

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Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Kép a klubról
Beavers UK
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Full address: 
9 Market Street, Watford, WD18 0PA
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There is no agency fee in this club!!There is no agency fee in this club!! Do you know?
There is no agency fee in this club!
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